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This one is for business managers and field service managers. You know you could improve your services while your teams our out in the field, but it’s difficult to know where to start. You want to know what’s happening while your employees are out there; what’s happening out in the field? You probably have some ideas about streamlining processes and paperwork for better results. That’s where a workforce management app like MobiFlow comes in.

Real-time visibility of your field workers

We all like to know what is happening in our business on a daily basis. But with your team out in the field it can be difficult. Whether your customers are on your case or you need to know where all your field workers are and what they are working on, without visibility the day’s work can start unravelling.

A workforce management solution lets you view all your jobs and team member online in one place and lets you know the status of each job, service or client visit. This can enable you to make well-informed, real-time decisions.

Connecting the office and the work field

The connection between the office and the field are essential in any service operation. If information isn’t constantly being shared, you lose time, miss opportunities, and maybe even a customer or two!

The right workforce management solution allows your whole organisation to manage the workflow seamlessly and keeps everyone connected. With real-time updates, everyone has access to the same information and your field agents can see customer and job info with the touch of a button. Once a job or client visit is complete, they can share their digital job card and findings instantly with the office.

Creating a paperless environment

Job cards getting lost or damaged? Invoicing becomes messy and paperwork clutters your desk. When using a platform like MobiFlow, data is captured on a mobile device, once, and the desktop application at the office updates automatically once your employee out in the fields syncs with the cloud. You can also create invoices while in the field, instantly and send off to the customer. There is no delay waiting on paperwork. MobiFlow automates your workflows, reducing the chance of any lost or missing information.

Out in the field, so much can go right or wrong

It’s sometimes hard to determine success, especially in a field operation organisation. You are never sure why one job took longer than the other or which workers perform better than others. Without reliable information, you have no clue, and your services never improve.

With reliable field service software, you have visibility into your field service operations, which also comes with real-time data and reporting. This allows you to see all the metrics you need. Measure and compare what is important, and easily spot trends and areas of improvement.

Get things done, quick and easy

We all have to adjust to what happens in the real world, as it happens. Jobs run over, it rains for days and the traffic sometimes causes delays. New jobs keep pouring in and somewhere in all this havoc, someone has to manage it all!

MobiFlow allows you to streamline operations, track your work orders, audits, inspection and maintenance activities at the touch of a button. You can instantly allocate an overrun job to another team or even reschedule a job. Your field agents can also document work much quicker by simply using their mobile device to complete inspection, add in photos, locations or even an electronic signature.

It’s all about that empowerment

Empower your staff with smart inspections and mobile checklists. Making it easier for your field agents to get a job done without any paperwork lifts morale. With more time to do more jobs and with admin simplified, your workers will be more productive and efficient.


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